Children and Mami's love

Every baby is a angel of life, requiring a constant care and a tender protection from mother to be born healthy. After the birth of the baby, her every bit of growth is devoted to the full love of the mother, skin-to-skin contact, and spiritual compatibility of satisfaction – it turns out happiness is so simple.

With this kind of parental heart, Hanmi Mamiai R&D went through years of vigorous research and development, discovered the benefits of probiotic ingredients to the skin. On the basis of protection of the intestinal health of children, this guardianship was transferred and continued through the research, and progressed into series of probiotics washing products, which attentively care of baby's skin health, making mommy and baby enjoy the happiness within reach.

However, affected by external factors such as the environment, the baby’s delicate skin is increasingly susceptible to sensitivity and fragility, causing his or her skin health to become a concern to the mother. How to keep my baby away from the skin? I want to be more gentle, protective, and attentive to the baby, because she deserves the best......

As pure and comfortable as in mother’s womb...... Regardless of design, packaging and raw materials, we satisfy the mothers’ expectations by strict control at all levels in a rigorous attitude towards pharmaceuticals to bring more scientific and meticulous care to the baby.