Terms of Service for Website

Thank you for registering as a member of Mamiai Cosmetics Website. All users registered as members of Mamiai Cosmetics Website are deemed to accept and agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

1、Mamiai Cosmetics Website Membership System

The operation rights and ownership of various network services provided by Mamiai Cosmetics Website belong to Coree Shanghai Co.,Ltd-Beijing Branch. Users must fully agree to all terms of service and complete the registration process before they can become full members of Mamiai Cosmetics Website.

2、Mamiai Cosmetics Website Service Description

Users must consider the importance of the network services provided by Mamiai Cosmetics Website when registering Mamiai Cosmetics Website, and shall agree to the following items:

  • (1)Users shall provide timely, detailed and accurate personal data.
  • (2)Users shall update their personal data in time according to the actual situation to meet the detailed and accurate requirements mentioned in the first paragraph of this article.
  • (3) All information entered by the user during registration will be referenced as the original information.

If the personal data provided by the user is inaccurate, untrue, illegal and valid, Mamiai Cosmetics Website has the right to terminate the user's use of various network services of Mamiai Cosmetics Website unilaterally.

3、User Accounts, Passwords and Security

  • (1)After successful registration, the user will become a legal user of Mamiai Cosmetics Website and will get a valid account number and password. Each user shall be fully responsible for all activities and events in his or her account. In the event that any damage occurs to the user, the Mamiai Cosmetics Website or any third party caused by the user's failure to keep his or her account and password, the user shall bear all responsibilities.
  • (2)Users may change their passwords at any time, or reapply or open new accounts. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security vulnerabilities, they shall immediately notify the customer service personnel of Mamiai Cosmetics Website.

4、User Management

  • (1)User type:
  • The right of users to use various services on Mamiai Cosmetics Website belongs to individuals. Users are not allowed to use various services provided by Mamiai Cosmetics Website for sales or other commercial and profit-making activities without the written authorization of Mamiai Cosmetics Website.
  • (2)User commitment:
  • Users are solely responsible for all content published by individuals. The user's use of the service does not violate all national laws and regulations, local regulations, relevant normative documents and international legal standards applicable to the service. If users spread and disseminate reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws on Mamiai Cosmetics Website, it will be recorded by the system of Mamiai Cosmetics Website as evidence of users' violation of laws. User commitment: when publishing information on the webpage of Mamiai Cosmetics Website or using the services of Mamiai Cosmetics Website, I will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China, and not produce, copy, publish or disseminate on the webpage of Mamiai Cosmetics Website the following information that :
  • (a)Opposes the basic principle as specified in the Constitution;
  • (b)Damages national security, discloses nation secret, subverts national political power and destroys national unity;
  • (c)Damages national reputation and interest;
  • (d)Incites the ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination and undermines the national unity;
  • (e)Damages national religious policy, propagate heresy and feudalistic superstition;
  • (f)Spreads rumors, disturbs social order, and destroys social stability;
  • (g)Spreads obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting the crime;
  • (h)Insults or slanders others, and infringes the legal interest of others;
  • (i)Includes other contents prohibited in laws and administrative regulations.
  • (3)Users are not allowed to use the services of Mamiai Cosmetics Website to engage in the following activities:
  • (a)Deleting, modifying or adding the function of computer information network without consent;
  • (b)Deleting, modifying or adding the data and the application program stored, processed or transmitted in the platform information network;
  • (c)Making or spreading computer virus and other destructive programs;
  • (d)Other behaviors of damaging the information network safety.
  • (4)Users are not allowed to interfere with the services of Mamiai Cosmetics Website in any way.
  • (5)Users must abide by all other regulations and usage procedures of Mamiai Cosmetics Website. When users use the bulletin board service of Mamiai Cosmetics Website, including forums, blogs, web diaries and message boards, the provisions of this article and the rules of the relevant bulletin service specially published by Mamiai Cosmetics Website must also be observed. The legal consequences and liabilities described in the preceding paragraph shall also apply to users of the bulletin service. If the user's behavior does not conform to the above-mentioned service terms, Mamiai Cosmetics Website will make independent judgment and immediately cancel the user's service account.

5、Users' Privacy System

The user privacy system of Mamiai Cosmetics Website has been specified in detail in the Privacy Policy of Mamiai Cosmetics Website. The system applies to these Terms of Service and has the same effect as these Terms of Service.

6、Advertisement and publicity

Without the permission of this website, no user is allowed to publish advertising content on Mamiai Cosmetics Website.


Mamiai Cosmetics Website will not reveal or disclose its registration data and non-public contents stored in the user platform of Mamiai Cosmetics Website to third parties without the authorization of legal users, but Mamiai Cosmetics Website will not be responsible for the disclosure of users' personal information in case of any of the following circumstances:

  • (1)Disclosure of users' nonpublic information due to improper confidentiality of themselves;
  • (2)Data disclosure, loss, embezzlement or tampering caused by network lines, hacker attacks, computer viruses, government control and other reasons;
  • (3)Provision of users' personal information in accordance with relevant laws or required by the service management of Mamiai Cosmetics Website;
  • (4)The safeguard of lives and property safety of users and the public in emergencies.

8、Modification and Termination of the Service

Mamiai Cosmetics Website has the right to modify or terminate the services (or some services) of this Website at any time, temporarily or permanently, regardless of prior notice. Mamiai Cosmetics Website does not assume any responsibility for users and any third party for modifying or terminating the services of this website. Mamiai Cosmetics Website has the right to terminate the users' account, password or use the website service for any reason, or delete or transfer the user's content stored and published on the website. Mamiai Cosmetics Website does not need to inform the users or any third party of any of the above behaviors, and does not assume any responsibility for the users and any third party.

9、Application and Jurisdiction of Laws

The validation, performance, interpretation and dispute resolution of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China, and disputes arising therefrom shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's court where the owner of Mamiai Cosmetics Website is located. If these Terms of Service are partially invalid due to conflict with the current laws of the People's Republic of China, the validity of other Terms of Service shall not be affected.